Each year, June 13th pays tribute to the kitchen klutz.
This day is designed to the person who has broken dishes, dropped a completed cake on the floor, or had some other frustrating kitchen accident. It’s a day to laugh at your mistakes and move on.


Caregiver in Hillsborough CA: National Kitchen Klutzes of America Day

Caregiver in Hillsborough CA: National Kitchen Klutzes of America Day


National Kitchen Klutzes of America Day is meant to be lighthearted and poke fun at that accident.
What if the accidents your mom has in the kitchen could put her at risk? It’s a little harder to laugh off some kitchen accidents. As a result, this day is also a good time to look at what could be done in her kitchen to improve safety.


Invest in Cut-Resistant Gloves

You can get a pair of cut-resistant gloves for less than $50 in many online kitchen stores. It’s worth it. If your mom has arthritis but still loves to cook, you probably dread the moment she starts cutting fruits and vegetables.

A cut-resistant glove is typically made out of stainless steel mesh that blocks the knife from reaching the skin. It will keep her from getting cuts on her fingers.


Look Into a Kitchen Stool

If your mom’s ankles, knees, or hips hurt after standing in one place for more than a few minutes, it puts her at risk of falling and hitting her head. She might be holding a hot pan when she loses her balance. This could be incredibly dangerous.

Get a kitchen stool that’s the perfect height for her counters. Make sure the chair has rubber feet to keep it from slipping away when she goes to sit. Rather than stand while chopping vegetables or stirring jam, she has a comfortable seat for support.


Rearrange the Kitchen

Rearrange your mom’s kitchen so that the flow is easier for her. If she struggles to get a pot from the stove to the sink, see if there’s a way to put the stove and sink closer together. If not, there are trivets with wheels that help you move a pot from the stove to the sink without having to carry it. A plant caddy on wheels also works.


Is It Time for Caregivers?

When her kitchen accidents become dangerous, it is a good time to look into caregivers. She doesn’t have to give up cooking her favorite meals, but she could have someone to help with certain tasks. With caregivers stopping by, she has someone to lift the heavy pot of stew from the oven. She has a helper to get items from upper shelves.

Talk to a home care agency about the cost of caregivers. You’ll find it’s far more affordable than you’d expect. Call now.


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Evan Loevner, CEO