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Caregiver in Pacifica CA

Adopt a Shelter Cat Month

Home Care Services in Pacifica CA: Adopt a Cat Month

Home Care Services in Pacifica CA: Adult cats make excellent companions for seniors, especially those that live alone or with an elder care provider. Of course, cats are fun pets for any age, but an older cat makes an ideal match for an elderly person.

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Signs that Your Senior Might be Dealing with Loss of Vision

Caregivers in Pacifica CA: Studies have shown that there are nearly 24 million people throughout the United States who are currently living with vision loss. A large percentage of these are over the age of 64. Loss of vision, ranging from mild loss to blindness, is one of the most common issues of older age, and as a family caregiver it is important that you are able to identify when your parent might be struggling with this change in their function so that they can make meaningful modifications to their lifestyle to help them maintain their independence and function, and stay safer as they age in place.

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What is the Best Way to Handle Caregiver Guilt?

Caregiver in Pacifica CA Being a family caregiver for an elderly parent is challenging and there are times when you are going to encounter difficult emotions related to your efforts. When you first started your care journey it is likely that you anticipated feeling stressed and may have even felt prepared for being somewhat overwhelmed…

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