As you get older, the last thing you want to have to do is pay closer attention to your diet and exercise routines. Yet, it’s one of the most important things you can do as you age.

The risk of some chronic conditions like diabetes, heart disease, and some cancers is lowered by diet and exercise. A diet high in fiber can help lower the risk of certain cancers. Exercise helps with heart health. Use these tips to inspire your parents to improve their diet and exercise habits for better health.


Elder Care in Rockridge CA: Diet and Exercise Tips for Older Adults

Elder Care in Rockridge CA: Diet and Exercise Tips for Older Adults


Skip the Processed and Takeout Foods

As arthritis sets in, it’s hard to deny that prepared meals and takeout food are tempting. They’re also usually high in sugar, saturated fats, and sodium. While it depends on the restaurant, a study found that the average amount of sodium in 3.5 ounces of vegetable lo mein was around 430 mg. People rarely eat that small a serving though.

If your mom loves vegetable lo mein, you can make it at home. Use low-sodium soy sauce, choose vermicelli with the lowest sodium content you can find, control the amount of oil that’s used. If you don’t like to cook, set your mom up with a senior care aide to cook for her.


Handle Snack Attacks With Healthy Options

When a snack attack hits, it’s easy to grab something salty like chips or sweet like a chocolate chip cookie. Easy isn’t always healthy. If your parents often aim for less healthy snacks, try to keep healthier options stocked up.

Raw nuts and vegetables with hummus are good starts. You could make small containers of overnight oats that are sweetened with applesauce and fresh fruit. Fresh fruit and unsweetened chocolate that’s melted and sweetened is another idea.


Work Out Together

Exercising alone isn’t appealing to everyone. Why not have someone work out with your parents. Sign up for a Yoga class with them. Gather the family for weekly nature walks.


Find Activities That Are Enjoyable

To get your mom and dad to exercise, find activities they enjoy. Your dad likes birding. Instead of having him watch for birds in the backyard, take him to a local trail. When you’re searching, choose an easy trail to start. Have him spot birds while you or a caregiver walks with him.

He might want to try something new. Take him kayaking, orienteering, or golfing for a change. He’ll get exercise while having fun.

Support healthy goals by making sure your parents have support at home. If they forget to take medications each morning, call a senior care agency and talk about medication reminders. Companionship services are the other senior care service that’s beneficial to your parents’ goals of aging at home.


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