Journaling, or the ritual of writing your thoughts and feelings down on paper regularly, is not a new phenomenon. Many children, teens, and adults have a daily practice of keeping a journal, but have you ever asked your senior if this is something they would be interested in?


Elder Care in San Francisco CA: Senior Journal

Elder Care in San Francisco CA: Senior Journal


There are different types of journaling styles that people use, but the important thing is to find what works for your senior parent or loved one because if keeping a journal or diary is not something that they enjoy, they probably won’t continue to do it.


Journaling is an inexpensive and easy way for people to write down their thoughts or feelings, and it can be done pretty much anywhere which makes it great for seniors who are receiving elderly care at home and may not be as mobile as they once were. All it requires is a book or notepad and a pen!


Here are a few reasons why you might consider asking your senior parent if they want to incorporate journaling into their everyday elderly care routine.


Gives them an outlet.

For seniors that have trouble talking about their feelings or worries, journaling can be a great outlet for them. It allows them a place to write down whatever they are thinking with absolutely no judgment. If you suspect that your senior has trouble voicing their feelings, consider giving them a place to put their thoughts down on paper for only their eyes to see.


Keeps them busy.

Seniors receiving elderly care at home can often feel bored, especially of they have mobility issues that prevent them from getting around or leaving the house as much as they would like to. Having the ability to write in journal is a good, constructive way to pass the time, and also gives them something to read as they may look back on their writings in the future.


Helps them use their mind.

As seniors age, it is important to do activities that require thought so that they can work to keep their brain and memory as sharp as possible. When they journal, they are forcing their brain to recall thought and then use their hands to work together with their brain in getting thought to paper.


Process their feelings.

Sometimes, putting our feelings into writing allows us to recognize exactly what we are feeling and helps us to process those feelings. For seniors that may be grieving the loss of a loved one or other traumatic event, having a journal may be beneficial to them as they work through their sadness or grief in a safe and healthy way.


Brings back memories.

Some seniors that start journaling might like to reminisce about old times as they journal, making note of happy memories or times in their lives that they are proud of or miss. And others that may have journaled in their past may appreciate the opportunity to pick up a pen again and it might feel like second nature, even after all those years.


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