You may know that your elderly family member needs some extra help, but how can you tell how much help she truly needs? There’s no one answer that fits every situation. There are different factors you’ll need to consider.


Elderly Care in Atherton CA: How Much Help Is Right?

Elderly Care in Atherton CA: How Much Help Is Right?


Look at the Variables You’re Facing

There are a lot of different variables when you’re assessing how much help your senior really needs. If she has mobility trouble and her health is failing, that’s definitely a sign that she needs a lot more assistance. But if she’s still in good health and maybe only has minor mobility issues, there is more of a gray area in terms of how much help might be right for her.


Understand Your Senior’s Limitations

Your elderly family member’s limitations are a big driving factor here. What is she doing on her own and what is causing trouble for her? It’s possible that she can do most things on her own, but she’s slower or those tasks require more energy than she typically has. Where her limitations show up is where you need to make sure she’s got assistance.


What Assistive Devices Would Help?

If there are any assistive devices or pieces of equipment that might help your senior, you might want to see what it would take to acquire them for her. There is a wide range of different types of assistive devices that could fit this bill. Canes, walkers, oxygen concentrators, and more could all be tools that help your elderly family member.


Assess Safety Issues

Safety is always one of the biggest considerations, and there’s a lot that goes into this category, too. Looking into general security is important, as is making sure that she’s not in danger of tripping and falling is all-important. Regular safety sweeps can help you to stay on top of what’s changed and what needs to be addressed.


What Are You Able to Personally Do?

Something else to consider is that there might be a gap between what your elderly family member needs and what you can do for her personally. If that gap is large enough, hiring elderly care providers is an excellent solution that can solve a great many issues for your senior. Talk to your elderly family member about what kinds of help she wants and how home care can address that for her.

These variables can change over time, too. These aren’t necessarily questions you’ll ask only once while you’re a caregiver.


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