Part of caregiving involves assessing where your senior needs help and where she can handle things on her own. That means understanding what types of categories that those needs might fall into.


Elderly Care in Lafayette CA: Does Your Senior Need Help?

Elderly Care in Lafayette CA: Does Your Senior Need Help?


Keeping Up with Household Tasks

Chores around the house never seem to slow down. Laundry, cleaning, and cooking healthy meals takes a lot more time and energy than your senior might have to devote to those tasks right now. If someone else is handling those tasks for her, she can do more of what she wants or needs to do personally, which can be an empowering feeling for her.


Managing Personal Care Tasks

Along with household tasks, personal care tasks can take up a great deal of energy, too. If your senior is finding that it’s getting more difficult for her to shower on her own or to get dressed, having help from you or from others can help immensely. This can be an embarrassing conversation for your senior, though, so make sure you tread carefully with statements you make.


With Home Safety

Part of aging in place involves ensuring that your senior is safe to do so. There are general concerns about safety, like removing clutter and ensuring that the home is maintained properly with no damage or problems. But there are other concerns, too, like whether your senior is able to safely use the stove on her own any longer. Having someone else with her more during the day may be a vital consideration.


With Mobility, Including Transportation

As your senior ages, mobility may become more of a problem for her and concern for you. If she’s experiencing pain and mobility problems, she may be a little afraid of moving in the ways that she needs in order to be safe. Having someone there with her can give her the confidence to move through the house more, knowing that there’s help if something happens. Additionally, mobility problems can mean that your senior is left immobile in other ways, like driving. She may feel unsafe driving, but that doesn’t mean she has to be stuck at home.

When you really have a grip on where your senior needs the most help, it’s much easier to get her that assistance. Elderly care providers can help you to figure out where your senior needs the most help, especially if you can’t be there with your senior as much as you want to be.


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