Some aging adults live in fear of the day that they can’t drive themselves wherever they want to go anymore. But does that have to be something for your senior to dread? If you’re prepared, you can help her to keep going wherever she wants safely.

Elderly Care in Pacifica CA: Senior Driving

Elderly Care in Pacifica CA: Senior Driving


Talk to Your Senior

When you first suspect that your senior is having difficulty driving, it’s best to address the topic with her head on. You don’t want to be confrontational, but you don’t want to avoid the conversation, either. Talk to her about what trouble she’s having behind the wheel and how you can help her the most.

Securing the Car

Depending on how difficult it is for your senior to drive safely, you may need to find a way to secure the car. For some aging adults, it may be enough for you to ask her to avoid driving. If your aging family member is stubborn, however, she may want to keep driving even though she knows it isn’t safe for her to do so. In really extreme cases, you might need to talk to your senior about selling her car.

Hiring Elderly Care Providers

Elderly care providers are incredibly helpful when it comes to finding transportation for your aging adult. Home care providers understand what your senior needs and can assist her while they’re out and about. The biggest benefit is that you know that your elderly family member is in good hands and that she’s still able to go where she needs to go.

Why Outings Are So Important

But why is it so important for your elderly family member to be able to go wherever she needs to go still? If she doesn’t, she’s much more likely to isolate herself and that can lead to depression and other health issues. As long as your elderly family member is willing and able to be active and to run errands, that’s all something that gives her a huge boost.

Your aging family member might worry that she can’t do much of anything anymore if she can’t drive herself and that just isn’t true. In fact, your elderly family member may do more with the help of someone else to do the driving than she’s been able to do in recent years. Having a little bit of help can actually free her up to be even more active and involved in life.


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Evan Loevner, CEO