Once you’ve decided that you need more support as a caregiver, the next hurdle is often finding the right group. It can be nerve-wracking to find the right group for your needs, but it’s worth investigating all the options you can.


Elderly Care in San Mateo CA: Caregiver Support Groups

Elderly Care in San Mateo CA: Caregiver Support Groups


Local Medical Centers and Groups

Very often medical centers have some sort of support group network. Hospitals and larger medical groups may even have space that they loan out to support groups. It’s worth looking around at the next doctor’s appointment to see what you can see. You might also want to ask a nurse or other support staff if they have information about these types of groups.


Mental Health Groups and Hospitals

Hospitals and mental health groups are larger than medical groups, of course, and that sometimes means that they have greater resources to put toward things like support groups for caregivers and others. There might be more options for support groups that you might not have considered, too, which makes this a particularly helpful option to investigate.


Community Groups

Community groups and centers look for ways to support the community they’re in. If the community has a larger number of older residents, they might prioritize something like caregiver support groups. You can call local community centers and even libraries in your area. Often libraries have comprehensive lists of the different groups in the area because many of them might meet in the library’s conference rooms.


Groups that Assist the Elderly

Among all of these types of groups, the ones that work most closely with the elderly definitely understand the challenges that you face as a caregiver. They may also have caregiver support groups that you can attend. If you’re having a tough time finding these types of groups, your senior’s doctor or even the health department can often give you a list.


National Groups and Organizations

For caregivers of elderly adults with dementia or other specific health conditions, it might be a good idea to check national group and organization websites. These groups often include a list of support groups or other resources that you can search by location. That could help you to find the right group for you.


It might take you some time and attending more than one meeting to find the one that works the best for you. Don’t feel as if you’re making a bad decision if the first group you attend doesn’t feel like a good fit right off the bat.


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