When you’re a caregiver, you’re looking at a lot of possible scenarios for your senior. One of the ones that might have you most concerned is what could make a fall more of a possibility for her. These are some of the factors you need to consider.


Home Care in Atherton CA: Senior Falls Prevention

Home Care in Atherton CA: Senior Falls Prevention


Constantly Being in a Hurry

|When your elderly family member is in a rush, it’s a lot easier for her to run into something or to get tripped up even on her own feet. Taking her time might be something she’s not used to doing, but slowing down even a little bit can be a huge help. She can pay better attention to what is happening around her if she slows down just a little bit.

Not Wearing Her Glasses

If your elderly family member wears glasses, it probably goes without saying that she should be wearing them every day. But that can be easier said than done, especially if your senior is forgetful or if she simply doesn’t enjoy wearing her glasses. The big problem is that it becomes way too easy for her to run into things because she didn’t see them.

Staying Too Sedentary

When she’s not moving a whole lot, that creates big problems for your senior. She’s more likely to lose muscle mass and to find it more difficult to move safely and to keep her balance. Moving just a little bit more every day is going to help her to keep some of her muscles toned and reduce her fall risk. It might be a good idea to find out from your senior’s doctor what sort of exercises would be best for her.

Avoiding Shoes

Not liking shoes isn’t a bad thing at all, but if your senior already has issues with her mobility, not wearing shoes can make everything worse. The right shoes offer your senior support and stability when she needs those features the most. Encourage her to find comfortable shoes that are supportive so that she’s got the foundation she needs.

Having an Alcoholic Beverage

Your senior might love a nightcap or a glass of wine with dinner. That’s all well and good, but if she’s having a little too much or if those adult beverages are interacting with her medications, that poses a bigger problem. Your elderly family member may find that the alcoholic drinks she’s always been able to enjoy make mobility more complicated.
Part of helping your elderly family member to avoid a fall involves assessing all of the various factors that make a fall more likely for her. That’s a lot to keep track of when you’re a caregiver, so just address all of the issues you can and keep going.


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