After a hospitalization, your mom will be going home to an empty house. You know that’s not ideal, so your family is making plans. What can you do to ensure her safety while she finishes recovering?


Home Care in Belmont CA: Senior Needs Post Hospital Stay

Home Care in Belmont CA: Senior Needs Post Hospital Stay


Talk to her doctors and nurses. They’ll have suggestions on the things your mom needs to do in the next days and weeks. This is the best way to narrow down the home care services she will need most. These are some of the options.


Personal Care and Grooming

If she’s still weak after recovering from a fall, virus, surgery, or other medical issues, you don’t want your mom to fall and suffer additional injuries. Have caregivers available to offer her support while she takes a shower.

Caregivers can help her dry off and get dressed. If she can’t bend over to tie her shoes, caregivers can do that for her. They can trim her nails, apply moisturizer, and dry/style her hair. She’ll have all the help she needs with personal care and grooming.



If your mom can’t cook her own meals, for now, caregivers can do it for her. They can cook the things she should be eating. Serve them and clean up the kitchen after. They can also get the beverages she needs to make sure she’s hydrated and provide her with snacks throughout the day.



All of the housework your mom needs to complete can be done with the help of caregivers. They can make sure items in her home, such as the sinks and toilets are sterilized daily. They can dust, vacuum, mop, and take out the trash.

While your mom is recovering, she can have caregivers to do the laundry for her. They can change the sheets, make her bed, and put away clean laundry. Caregivers can change her towels, put up new ones, and wash the dirty ones.



While she’s on the mend, your mom will likely have follow-up appointments with her doctors. Caregivers can keep track of these appointments, make sure she’s ready to go on time, and drive her to and from the medical offices.

If she needs physical therapy, caregivers can arrange those appointments and drive her to those, too. If she can have physical therapists come to her home, caregivers are there to let the therapists in and make sure there’s a clean, clutter-free space for the exercise session.


Home care services are an important part of her recovery. Make arrangements as soon as you can by calling a home care specialist.


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Evan Loevner, CEO