After a stroke, even a mild one, your elderly family member might be amazed how much elderly care providers can help her. You might be surprised as well.


Home Care in Piedmont CA: After Stroke Care

Home Care in Piedmont CA: After Stroke Care


Physical Challenges After a Stroke

Although a stroke happens in the brain, the rest of your senior’s body can be affected for a long time afterward. She might experience weakness in her extremities or partial paralysis. It might be difficult for her to move or to control her fine-motor skills. This happens because of the part of the brain affected by the stroke and the extent of the damage that part of the brain sustains.


Mental and Emotional Challenges

The damage to your senior’s brain after a stroke can also cause mental and emotional challenges for her. She might have memory loss or difficulty with certain types of thought processes. All of this can create emotional challenges, too. It’s devastating to have your brain and your body no longer respond the way that you expect them to respond.


Planning the Logistics of New Routines

With all of these challenges facing your senior, she’s going to need some new routines. But planning those out on your own can be a challenge for you. Home care providers have experience helping caregivers and stroke survivors work out what their new normal looks like at home. Following recommendations from your senior’s doctor, it’s possible for them to help you work out what each day should look like.


Managing Daily Personal Care

When movement is difficult, so too are previously simple tasks, like personal care tasks. Bathing and getting dressed are no longer tasks that your senior might be able to do in just a few minutes. With a little bit of help from senior care providers, though, these are a lot easier to manage. They can also show you how to make those personal care tasks easier for your senior.


Getting to Follow-up Appointments

After a stroke, your senior may have a variety of different doctors and therapists who need to see her to check on her progress and help her to make more progress. Getting to those appointments can be difficult, especially if your schedule isn’t as flexible as you would like it to be. Home care providers can ensure your senior gets to her appointments and back home again safely.

Doing all of this on your own as a family caregiver is certainly possible, but it’s overwhelming. When you can rely on the experienced help that home care providers can offer to you instead that gives you a leg up on the problems you’ll encounter.


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Evan Loevner, CEO