Every family caregiver finds the job harder than they would have imagined. From the difficulty of lifting a parent who weighs more than you to dealing with agitation, caregiving is full of unexpected challenges and joys. When it comes to common concerns, four things stand out.


Home Care Services in Claremont CA: Caregiver Concerns

Home Care Services in Claremont CA: Caregiver Concerns


Anxiety Talking to a Doctor or Professional

One area that family caregivers frequently mention is that it’s hard to talk to a doctor. While the doctor is there for questions, a rushed answer may add to the anxiety. If you don’t understand a care instruction and the doctor seems rushed, you may become nervous asking for clarification.

The other issue families have is that it could be bad news. You notice your dad is becoming shakier. The doctor spends time with him and runs some tests. When the test results come in, it’s bad news. That also makes it hard to want to talk to a doctor.

If you need help, talking to a specialist or professional is also hard for some. You’re worried they’ll question that you’re really the best caregiver for your parent. If you say you’re struggling with some form of care, you worry that social services may get a call that you’re neglectful. It’s unlikely to happen, but the fear is there.



When you provide care on a regular basis and don’t take breaks, stress builds up. That stress may develop into anxiety or depression. You’ll isolate yourself from friends, and that worsens the risk of depression.

If you feel you could be depressed, you need to talk to a specialist. Depression is a mental health condition that you shouldn’t ignore. Therapy sessions, exercise, de-stressing techniques, and medications will help you feel better.


Fear That Mistakes Are Made

People who manage their parent’s medications spend a lot of time worrying that they’re making a mistake. A busy day may have someone forgetting to order refills, and now there’s only one pill left and the pharmacy is closed for the weekend.

You may fear that the stress of caring for a parent will cause you to lose your temper or walk. There are many ways you can make a mistake, and you’ll have to work to keep that fear from eating at you.


Pessimistic Feelings

The longer you care for your mom or dad, you may find yourself always feeling pessimistic. You focus on the bad things that happen and prepare for the worst at every moment. You struggle to be positive. This wears you down and has you feeling blue. If you reach this point, it’s time for a break.

Does being a family caregiver feel overwhelming? It’s likely if you spend so much time focusing on your mom or dad that you ignore your own need for socialization and time off. Caregivers help families by providing respite care. Call an agency to discuss caregivers and their services.


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Evan Loevner, CEO