Family carers often put their heart and soul into caring for a parent. In the process, self-care is often ignored. It’s easy to focus on putting your dad’s comfort and needs first. You can’t, however, lose sight of yourself. Home care can help you balance your dad’s care needs and your need for self-care.


Home Care Services in Piedmont CA: Need for a Break

Home Care Services in Piedmont CA: Need for a Break


What Does Home Care Offer You?

Home care is meant to help your dad remain independent at home. It also helps you. Respite care is one of the services to consider. It involves having a caregiver stop by to take over your dad’s care while you take a break.

With respite care, you could go on a vacation. You could have a few hours each week to do things for your children, work, or yourself. It’s a chance to let someone else care for your dad so that you have a break and avoid taking on too many tasks.

Many families pair family caregiving with professional caregivers. It’s a way to make sure your dad isn’t alone while you go to work, attend a meeting with your children’s teachers, or go see the doctor for your yearly check-up.

If something is wrong with your health, home care allows you to focus on getting better. You don’t have to leave your dad alone or drag him to all of your appointments.


How Does Home Care Work?

To arrange home care, you call your local agency. You’ll answer questions about your dad and his abilities. A home visit/interview, if offered, can help pinpoint safety issues that should be addressed. If your dad is going to age at home, you want him as safe as possible.

Once it’s decided what services are necessary, the arrangement is made to have caregivers stop by to help. He may only need weekly help with housework and shopping. He might want daily services to help with meals, transportation, and personal care. While there’s a caregiver with him, you’re free to go out with friends, go to work, run errands, or take a nap.

It’s possible to adjust the frequency of home care visits. It’s also easy to add services or stop services he no longer needs. For example, you might need medication reminders while he’s recovering from the flu. Once he’s well, he won’t be taking medications anymore. That’s the best part of home care, it’s easy to adjust to meet your dad’s changing needs.


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