Your mom and dad want to go on a trip.

You’re worried about them traveling alone. Is it safe? Are there ways you can make it safer? If your parents are mobile and aren’t dealing with cognitive challenges, traveling can be very safe when you’re older. Here are some things you should discuss with them.


Home Health Care in Claremont CA: Senior-Only Vacations

Home Health Care in Claremont CA: Senior-Only Vacations


Where Are They Going?

Find out where they want to go. If they’re going to a new country, you’ll need time to research travel requirements. Do they need certain vaccines? Are visas required in advance? Is the destination safe when it comes to crime?

Look at the itinerary they’ve planned. Will they be driving unfamiliar roads? Do they have a tour they’ll be joining where someone else does the driving? Is the hotel close to all city attractions or will they need to rent a car or rely on public transportation?


How Do They Feel About an All-Inclusive Vacation?

With an all-inclusive vacation, your parents wouldn’t have to do much. The vacation includes airfare, hotel, meals, drinks, and often activities, too. Many resorts have medical concierge staff for emergencies. This can help ease your mind. If your parents like the idea of all-inclusive, they could pick a resort or cruise ship. Both often include transfers from hotels or ships to airports.


Would They Consider a Senior-Only Group Trip?

There is safety in numbers. It’s also comforting to travel in a group. Some travel agents specialize in group trips where all participants are over a certain age. Your parents would go on a tour of a new city or country and be surrounded by their peers. At all times, they have a driver and tour guide to keep them safe. At night, they have a hotel room to themselves for privacy.


Would They Consider Traveling With You?

How about joining your parents? Turn it into a family vacation. You can spend time alone during parts of the day and together with others. You’ll be nearby if something goes wrong, and you’re there for the more challenging parts of a trip like an airport check-in and catching connecting flight.

If they will not travel with you, they may be amenable to having a trusted caregiver join them. They pay room and board for their home care provider while they’re in another state or country. It’s definitely an option worth looking into. Call a home care agency to learn more about planning all aspects of your

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Evan Loevner, CEO