Bladder infections look a little different for older adults than they do for younger people. They can be incredibly exhausting for your senior, especially if she’s already experiencing other health issues. Avoiding a bladder infection isn’t guaranteed, but if your elderly family member tries some of these tips she stands a better chance.

Home Health Care in Menlo Park CA: Bladder Infections

Home Health Care in Menlo Park CA: Bladder Infections

Determine What Your Senior’s Initial Symptoms Usually Are

Older adults tend to have different symptoms when it comes to bladder infections. While younger people might experience pain during urination and other symptoms, seniors may not experience those symptoms at all. Your elderly family member may at first seem confused or agitated, which can make both of you worry that she’s experiencing a cognitive issue rather than a bladder infection.

Hydration Levels Matter When Avoiding a Bladder Infection

The better hydrated your elderly family member is on a regular basis, the better off she’ll be in terms of possible bladder infections. She may not be excited about drinking water, though. The good thing about hydration is that there are other ways to shore up your elderly family member’s water intake. Pure water is best, of course, but she can also get water from herbal teas, melons, broth-based soups, and other foods that are high in water content.

Put Together a Bathroom Schedule

Something else that is important is keeping your senior’s system flushed out. The best way to do that is first to keep her properly hydrated and second to empty her bladder regularly. Scheduling bathroom breaks regularly throughout the day helps to remind your senior to go and helps to ensure that her bladder empties more often. If she waits too long between bathroom breaks, bacteria have a chance to grow and form an infection.

Her Doctor May Have Some Suggestions, Too

If your elderly family member is already prone to bladder infections, talk to her doctor about what to do. There are over-the-counter solutions that are natural, like cranberry supplements and vitamin C that can be helpful for some people who are susceptible to bladder infections. There may be other things that your senior can do, too.

Some of these steps might be frustrating for your senior to keep up with on her own. Having senior care providers reminding her to drink water, helping her to eat healthier, and ensuring she makes time for bathroom visits can do a lot to take the pressure off your senior’s shoulders alone.

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