If your senior is planning to age in place, her home needs to be as safe as possible so that she can do just that. There might be a variety of different angles in which you can assess your senior’s safety to get the most comprehensive plan put together.


Home Health Care in Orinda CA: Safety Modifications

Home Health Care in Orinda CA: Safety Modifications


Check out Her Home Alarms

Home alarms, like carbon monoxide detectors and smoke alarms, are often the first line of defense when it comes to home emergencies. Testing these alarms regularly ensures that they’re functioning the way that they’re supposed to. Make sure to have batteries on hand to swap out. Newer versions of full-house alarm systems often have sensors for these concerns built into the alarm system. This might be an easy way to add all sorts of disaster protection to your senior’s home along with a burglar alarm system.


Personal Alarm Systems Might Be an Answer

A house alarm does quite a bit for your senior, but a personal alarm system can add a variety of other functions, too. Many now include gyroscopic technology that can alert a central operator if it appears that your senior has fallen or is otherwise in a health emergency. Some personal alarm systems also come with a check-in feature, where the system calls your elderly family member regularly to verify she’s alright.


Get Some Details about Her Neighborhood

Understanding as much as you can about the dynamics in your senior’s neighborhood can help you to determine what other safety considerations might need to factor into your plan. Her neighborhood might have been made up of young families in the past, who were out and about often, but perhaps now there are a lot more elderly residents, who don’t see what’s going on outside as much.


Make a Repair Punch List

There might be some home maintenance that’s been overlooked in your senior’s home for a while. Getting those repairs underway as soon as possible can dramatically improve the overall safety within her home. Start making a list and prioritize each project by how much safer your senior would be. Less important projects can wait a bit longer.

It’s also a good idea to consider hiring senior care providers. They can take over certain household tasks that might be a bit much for your senior to handle on her own now. They can also make sure that she’s able to get where she needs and wants to go and that she’s safe while she does so.


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