No caregiver wants to put their foot down and demand that their senior stops driving unless the situation has gotten really bad. But how can you tell the situation might be getting to that point?


Home Health Care in Piedmont CA: Senior Driving

Home Health Care in Piedmont CA: Senior Driving


She’s Not Able to Keep Track of Everything While Behind the Wheel

There’s a lot of multitasking involved in driving. A good driver is checking mirrors, paying attention to other vehicles, watching gauges, and keeping the car under control. As your senior ages, she may find it more difficult to keep track of all of those different activities at the same time. That’s, unfortunately, a big problem and can cause her to do things like drive far slower than the traffic around her.


She Drives Well During the Day, but Badly at Night

Your elderly family member may find that she’s able to drive during the day with no issues at all. But in conditions with low light or at night, she might find it far more difficult to see what’s happening around her. Driving in twilight conditions or rainy weather may actually be the worst scenario for her because the lighting conditions in those situations tend to be difficult to distinguish properly.


Her Daytime Vision Is Changing for the Worse

On the other hand, she may have trouble during the day, too, if her vision is impaired. Cataracts, bad peripheral vision, and the wrong eyeglass prescription can all contribute to issues with driving during the day. The sad truth is, though, that if your elderly family member can’t see well enough to drive, it’s dangerous for her to be doing so at all.


She’s Been in an Accident

One accident may not be the big sign you’re expecting, especially if that accident was the fault of another driver. But if your elderly family member is finding that she’s involved in multiple accidents, large or small, that’s a very bad sign. These accidents may not be ones that involve the police or her insurance company, though. Hitting a barrier in a parking lot can cause a great deal of damage and is just as indicative of a problem as an accident with another car would be.


Any of these situations might be ones that cause you and you’re senior to look deeper at whether she should be driving or not. It might help to talk to her doctor, and it’s always a good idea to put a backup plan in place. Hiring elder care providers to do the driving allows your senior to keep going wherever she wants but in a far safer manner.


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