Prescription medication costs add up each month. Even if your parent has insurance coverage, they’re likely paying a co-pay for the medications they need.


Homecare in Claremont CA: Keeping Prescription Costs Down

Homecare in Claremont CA: Keeping Prescription Costs Down


On a fixed income, saving money is vital to having the retirement savings last. Take a look at these ways to keep prescription medication costs down.


Talk to the Doctor About Generic Drugs

If your parent’s doctor prescribed brand-name medications, see if there is a generic that would work as well. Generic drugs cost less, so co-pays are much lower. It may turn out that the medication your parent takes is not available in a generic, but it never hurts to ask.


Look into Medication Assistance Programs

Your parent may qualify for an assistance program. To apply, your parent needs to see if the state or pharmaceutical company offers any help. Some pharmaceutical companies will provide free or greatly discounted medications to seniors on a fixed income. Some states also offer the Pharmaceutical Assistance Program that helps the elderly pay for medications they need.


Sign Up for Discounted Prescription Programs

If your mom and dad don’t have prescription coverage on their health insurance, look into a pharmacy discount card. Several places offer these cards. For example, Walgreens works with the Easy Drug Card to reduce prices by as much as 80 percent.

To find suitable programs, talk to your mom or dad’s pharmacist. See if the pharmacist can recommend a discount program to help lower prices on the medications your parent takes.


Shop Around for the Lowest Prices

The pharmacy down the road from your parents may be convenient, but they might be more expensive. Shop around for the lowest price. Often places like Costco and Walmart have lower prices than neighborhood pharmacies.


Get Prescriptions in Bulk

Ask if it’s possible to get a three-month supply of the medication mailed to your parent’s home. Many health insurance companies get lower pricing if medication is ordered in bulk. A three-month supply can help your parent save money. Talk to the insurance company to see if this program is offered.


Prevent Doubled Doses

Make sure your parent is using his or her medications properly. If your mom or dad takes too much medication each day, it can be dangerous. Your parents also end up needing refills more often. Supervision and reminders can prevent too high a dosage. Caregivers can offer reminders when you’re not there. With a caregiver on hand, your parent will also have someone there to reassure that the dose is correct.

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