Technology is transforming how we work and play, but can it also change the way we grocery shop? Many people are embracing the online grocery shopping services that many stores offer. Family caregivers can really benefit from reduced trips to the grocery store because there are already so many demands on their time. Even with a senior care assistant, family caregivers still spend a lot of time tending to the needs of their elderly relative.


Homecare in Rockridge CA: Online Grocery Shopping

Homecare in Rockridge CA: Online Grocery Shopping


Family caregivers should try it out to see if getting groceries online is a time and money saving step.


-How Does It Work?

Online grocery shopping is pretty simple to do. The customer creates an account at the grocery store, shops online and arranges for pickup or delivery. Many large chain grocery stores have some form of online shopping process, but smaller and more rural stores may not yet have such services in place. There are also online stores that have no brick-and-mortar buildings, but use grocery fulfillment centers to deliver items to homes across the region. The best way to begin is for family caregivers to do a little research to see what options are available in their area.


-What are the Benefits of Online Grocery Shopping?

Above all, the biggest benefit of online grocery shopping is that it saves shoppers time and money. Considering most people run into the grocery store several times per week and spend several hours there, online shopping is a real advantage. While shoppers still need to make a shopping list and fill their virtual shopping carts with items, they can do it from their computer while at home or work. Instead of pushing carts up and down crowded aisles and standing on long checkout lines, family caregivers can shop at home and get their items delivered or simply swing by to pick it up from the store.


-Another benefit of online shopping includes saving money. Customers can compare prices between several different stores and choose the best prices. Some stores even provide price matching features online so they always guarantee the lowest price. Shoppers can also make sure they stay in budget because they can see a tally of their purchases in their virtual shopping cart. They have the option to “put back” any items or change their mind well before a cashier rings everything up.


-Finally, online grocery shopping can save on transportation costs and issues. If it’s hard to leave an elderly loved one alone and the senior care assistant is gone for the day, family caregivers either bring their loved one along or forego the store. With online ordering, they can make the purchase and often get same-day pickup delivered to their car without having to get out or make their elderly loved one get out. Although items may not arrive as quickly, family caregivers can get what they need delivered to their door within a short time for online grocery stores.

Family caregivers that are curious about online grocery shopping should take advantage of Online Grocery Shopping Month and give it a try. Anything that saves time for busy and dedicated family caregivers is worth embracing.


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