One frustrating aspect of being a caregiver is that you might not be able to convince your senior to do all the things you want her to do to be healthier, like eating differently. It’s tough to change eating habits that have been in place for a long time but consider some of these ideas.


Homecare in Pacifica CA: Shift Her Eating Habits

Homecare in Pacifica CA: Shift Her Eating Habits


Bring it up with Her Doctor

If your elderly family member is ready to start talking about a healthier diet, the first step is to talk to her doctor. There may be some specific dietary needs dictated by your senior’s health and by her existing medications. Once you’ve got an idea of what is best for her to eat, you can start planning a little more effectively.


Increased Activity Levels Increase Appetite

One recommendation that your senior’s doctor might make is to increase her activity levels. Exercising even a little bit more can increase your elderly family member’s appetite. It can also help her body to start craving healthier foods that will fuel her appropriately. Make sure that you start any exercise plan slowly and safely to ensure your elderly family member doesn’t overdo it.


Keep Meals as Easy as Possible

When meals and snacks are super complicated, your senior is definitely going to avoid them. If she’s not excited about the idea of cooking, it might be a good idea to do some batch cooking of healthy meals for her. You can freeze them in single-serving containers that are easy to heat up, which can help to replace convenience foods that tend to be less healthy choices.


Add Vegetables and Fruits to Every Meal

Fruits and vegetables as a part of every meal give your senior an immediate nutrient boost. Canned and frozen fruits and vegetables are just as healthy as fresh versions, especially if the package ingredients do not include added salt or sugar. Make sure to read labels carefully. Shop the produce sales, because those are usually the fruits and vegetables that are in season and therefore not just thriftiest, but also in their prime.


Consider a “Stop” Time for Meals and Snacks

Eating too late in the day might be uncomfortable for your senior, especially if she battles heartburn and other digestive issues. Consider setting a final time for anything but water. Your elderly family member might find that helps her to feel more comfortable at night and therefore sleep better, too.


If your elderly family member has found it difficult to eat healthier meals and snacks in the past, some of these ideas might help her. Having a little help from you and from other people can make this even easier.

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