Approximately 12 percent of family caregivers live more than an hour away. When you live hours from your parents, the dynamics of caregiving change. You’re not close enough to stop in and check on your mom and dad each day. Your unable to rush to your parents’ home if there’s an emergency.


Homecare in Rockridge CA: Long Distance Caregiving Tips

Homecare in Rockridge CA: Long Distance Caregiving Tips


When you live hours away, you may feel helpless. The strain is tough, but there are ways to make it easier. These four items make family caregiving easier when you live hours away.


#1 – Voice and Video Chat

A computer is one way to video chat with your parents regularly. Load a program like Google Hangouts, Facebook Messenger, or Skype. Connect with them as often as you want from anywhere. If you don’t want to chat on video, you can talk to them through these services and avoid a larger phone bill.

As long as you both have internet service, you’ll find it’s easy to stay in touch. Teach your parent how to use the different software options and decide which is easiest for them.


#2 – Video Doorbells

Do you worry about your parents answering the door to a stranger? Video doorbells allow you to see who is at their door. You’ll receive notifications on your phone. Check the app and see if it’s someone you know.

If it isn’t someone you recognize, you can use the app to talk to the person. You can find out why that person is there and alert authorities if needed.


#3 – Emergency Contacts That You Know

When you’re visiting your parents, get to know their friends and neighbors. Approach those who you feel are trustworthy and ask if they’d be willing to be an emergency contact. If your parents need help, they’d go to that person. That person could then notify you or the appropriate party to help them.


#4 – Elder Care Services

Hire elder care services to stop by and check on your parents for you. Caregivers can stop by, cook their meals, and issue reports so that you’re keeping up on how your parents are. They’ll check on your mom and dad on a schedule.

You can have caregivers stopping by once a week or each day. The goal is to make sure your parents are comfortable and able to be independent in their homes. Call to discuss the cost of elder care.

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Evan Loevner, CEO