Did you know that 8 out of 10 men and women over the age of 79 have arthritis? This pain and stiffness in the joints make it hard to move, turn, and twist. You might not think of this as that concerning, but it can be. Many seniors struggle to turn and check blind spots, twist to put on a seatbelt, or turn to get in and out of the car.

Homecare in San Mateo CA: Car Devices For Your Senior

Homecare in San Mateo CA: Car Devices For Your Senior


Your parents may have stopped driving. They’re still at risk of injury, however. If they struggle to get out of the car, they may fall and get hurt. They may not buckle the seatbelt fully. There are assistive devices for the car that can help your mom and dad when they’re going for a drive.

Car Cane or Caddie

A car cane is a small device that fits in the glovebox or center storage. It has a metal pick that slips into the latch on the inside framing of a door. Once in place, your parent can hold that and have it provide support while standing up. Car canes are inexpensive. You can find them in many mass merchandise retailers and home goods stores.

There’s also a caddie that hooks onto the top frame of a door and hangs down. The strap gives your parent something to use as leverage while coming from a seated to a standing position.


Swivel Seat or Transfer Board

If turning is a challenge, look into a swivel seat cushion. It sets on the seat. When it is time to get in and out of the car, the swivel seat spins 360 degrees. Your mom or dad will have help turning and getting all the way into or out of the car.

If your parent is in a wheelchair, the transfer board is ideal. There’s also a transfer board that slides under your parent and extends out of the car to a wheelchair. As you assist them, the seat part slides from one end of the board to the other. This makes it easy to get out of the car and into a wheelchair. Once seated, you pull the board out.


Seatbelt Assistance

If your mom or dad struggles to buckle up, a seatbelt assistance device can help. A Buckle Mate surrounds the base of the latch to holds it steady at a higher angle to make it easier to latch the seatbelt’s buckle. There are also devices that assist the user in pulling the seatbelt across the body and to the latch.

Once your parents aren’t driving, consider home care services. You may be burning through vacation days or personal time making sure your parents get to appointments and therapy sessions. With a caregiver helping with transportation, you’ll be able to stay focused at work and save your days off for quality time together. Call a home care agency to get started.


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Evan Loevner, CEO