Inevitably, there comes a time when adult children notice their aging parent is struggling with some basic household tasks.
It may be that seniors are challenged with grooming and dressing or getting to the grocery store on a regular basis. Still, others may be suffering from an illness or injury and be limited in their mobility. Even though they can’t do things for themselves, they may steadfastly refuse in-home care from others.


Senior Care in Hillsborough CA: Senior Care Assistance

Senior Care in Hillsborough CA: Senior Care Assistance


For family caregivers to understand why their aging parent is not eager for an elderly care provider to help them out, they must step back and analyze why their mom or dad is so resistant. It may be difficult for them to admit that their health and wellness is declining. They may feel too proud to look helpless or incapable in front of others. Seniors may become angry, defensive, or weepy when family caregivers try to have a talk about hiring an elderly care provider.


When family members encounter resistance from their elderly parent about elderly care providers, they can try to incorporate some of these tips to make that conversation go more smoothly:

  • Choose a time when the aging adult is comfortable, alert and content.
  • Avoid making accusations about a loved one’s behavior and abilities, which will put them on the defensive.
  • Point out areas and occasions when they’ve struggled to do something.
  • Never raise voices and keep the conversation positive.
  • Try to address specific areas where seniors may need help and point out areas where they are still largely independent, so it doesn’t all seem so overwhelming.
  • Point out that the in-home care from the elderly care provider will help keep them safer and healthier.
  • Have a frank conversation about the financial aspect of elderly care providers.
  • Emphasize that an elderly care provider means they will have less stress and more free time.
  • Bring in other opinions, such as family members, friends, clergy, doctors, and other influential people.
  • Don’t make decisions on behalf of the aging adult and include them as much as possible.


Sometimes, an aging person’s resistance to an elderly care provider can be overcome by introducing the services a little at a time.
At first, the elderly care provider can come one or two mornings per week and just do light housework, for example. Over time, as the senior feels more comfortable, the elderly care provider can come more often and get involved in more caregiving activities.


If the aging adult needs the in-home care immediately, such as in response to an illness, surgery or injury, there isn’t as much time to acclimate them to the idea. In this case, having seniors more involved in selecting the elderly care provider will give them some input and control into the situation that they find themselves in. Having a say will help them feel involved instead of acted upon. No matter what, the aging adult’s safety and health is the top concern, and family caregivers should not yield on this important matter.


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