Senior Care in Lafayette CA

When your elderly loved one is at home, you want her to be as safe as she can possibly be. In some cases, that may mean that you need to make some changes.Senior-Care-in-Lafayette-CA

Add Some Night Lights

Your elderly loved one might find that lighting overall is good during the day and the evening, when she needs it the most. But what about trips to the bathroom in the middle of the night or dim hallways? These are perfect spots for night lights that give your loved one that extra little boost of light when and where she needs it without making too large a change.

Make the Kitchen Easier to Use

If your loved one still enjoys cooking, there might be aspects of the kitchen that could do with some adjustment. One of the biggest, and most commonly overlooked, issues can be cabinets and their contents. Look closely at where everyday items such as dishes and glassware are stored. If your loved one has to stretch or bend too much to reach them, rearrange those cabinets.

Safeguard the Bathroom

Your elderly loved one is especially vulnerable in the bathroom, so it makes sense to really pay attention to this room during your safety sweeps. Deal with slippery floors by adding nonslip mats and adding grab bars to strategic locations around the room and in the tub or shower itself. Improve usability in the bathroom by installing shower chairs and handheld shower heads.

Make Stairways Safer to Navigate

Stairways are dangerous because of their very nature, but you can make them safer. Add a second hand rail so that your loved one has assistance on either side of the stairs. Add a nightlight for additional lighting that your loved one doesn’t have to consciously think about. If there’s no outlet for a night light, install a battery-operated light with a motion sensor in the hallway. Be sure to check the batteries on that light frequently.

Rearrange Peepholes on Exterior Doors

When you’re thinking about safety, don’t overlook general security. If your loved one has difficulty seeing through the peephole in exterior doors, it’s an easy problem to fix. Home improvement stores have peephole kits that allow you to install one in a convenient location for your loved one. Another option is to install a security system that uses cameras at the exterior doors. Either way, your loved one can feel more confident knowing who exactly is at the door when someone rings the bell.

If you need other ideas for helping your loved one to be safer at home, work with her senior care providers to find the biggest safety issues for your loved one.

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Evan Loevner, CEO