Dry skin can be tight and uncomfortable at first, but if it’s left too long, dry skin can actually become more than just unpleasant. If your elderly family member scratches at her itchy skin, this can create small wounds that can actually become infected. Keeping an eye on dry skin can help you avoid this problem.


Senior Care in Piedmont CA: Senior Dry Skin Tips

Senior Care in Piedmont CA: Senior Dry Skin Tips


-Rule out Medical Causes

Some illnesses and even medications can cause extremely dry skin. Talk to your aging adult’s doctor and determine if any of these potential causes could be what is affecting your elderly family member. If so, the situation may be relatively simple for you to manage with a few adjustments.


-Use Lotions and Creams

Moisturizers, lotions, and creams can all be beneficial when managing dry skin for your aging adult. Some may work better than others, however, so you might need to invest some time in trying a few out. Elder care providers often have a great deal of experience with issues such as this, so you can also ask them what types of products they’ve successfully used in the past.


-Use Hot Water Sparingly

Hot water can be extremely irritating for skin that is already dry and uncomfortable. The hotter the water is, the more it will dry out your senior’s skin further. Consider dialing down the temperature on the water heater itself and consciously use water that is warm rather than hot.


-Pat Skin Dry Instead of Rubbing It

You might also run into trouble if you or your senior are too rough with her skin after a bath or shower. Warm, damp skin is more susceptible to damage, so dry off gently. Patting skin dry with a soft towel rather than rubbing can help to avoid breaking the skin when it’s already fragile.


-Consider a Humidifier

Humidifiers add moisture back into the air and can help your senior to feel more comfortable. Many also have a built-in humidity monitor that can turn the humidifier on and off based on the humidity settings that you plug in.

Different times of year and certain weather conditions can affect your senior’s skin, as well, so her skin care regimen might need adjusting as the external situation changes. Keeping up with skin care can be relieving to your senior’s daily routines.


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