Routines sound like a scary idea at first, but there are lots of reasons they can be helpful for both your senior and for you.


Senior Care in Lafayette CA: Daily Routines

Senior Care in Lafayette CA: Daily Routines


Structure Helps Her More than You Think

Time in which your elderly family member can do whatever is fun at first, but it can get old quickly. Your senior might find that she sees large blocks of time with nothing planned as kind of intimidating and that isn’t a good thing. With a routine, she knows that there are certain things that happen at certain days and times. That can be reassuring and even comforting.


She Might Be Less Disoriented

If your senior is in the beginning stages of dementia, too much free time and no routine at all can leave her feeling ungrounded and disoriented. She might lose track of simple things like what day of the week it is or even what season it is. That can be troubling for her when she is confronted with a reason to know that information. A routine gives her another layer of security that she can lean on


Anxiety Levels Decrease

It stands to reason, then, that as comforting as routines can be, they can help to keep your senior from feeling extremely anxious. This is important if your elderly family member is prone to anxiety anyway. When she’s got an idea what to expect, that keeps the unknown from being as intimidating as it might have been otherwise.


Your Senior Might Get Better Rest

Because she’s calmer and less frustrated, your senior may find that she’s resting better. This can be true both during the day and at night as well. The reason for this is that she knows what’s happening in general all throughout the day. So when it’s time to rest, she knows that she’s not supposed to be doing something else or that there’s another activity that will become more important. Also, when she’s got a routine, your senior is spending more time being active, which can automatically help her to rest better when it’s time to do so.


Routines Help You, Too

As much as routines help your senior, they are a huge help for you, too. There’s likely a lot that you’re trying to make sure you do and keep track of for your senior. Routines help you to check those items and tasks off so that you know what you are succeeding with and what needs a little more work. Routines can also keep you on track with things like taking respite time. Let home care providers step in when you’re taking time away and that becomes a part of your overall routine.


Routines don’t have to be dull and boring. Keep them full of activities that your senior needs and enjoys and those routines will continue to support her.



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