A problem that many caregivers wrestle with is whether they can truly take any sort of vacation away from caregiving. The answer might be a shocking one, especially if you view caregiving as a mandatory responsibility that only you can handle.


Senior Care in Pacifica CA: Caregiver Vacation

Senior Care in Pacifica CA: Caregiver Vacation


Define What a Vacation Means for You

For some people, a vacation is two weeks at a beach with no one else around. For others, a vacation is a long weekend spent at home. Whatever a vacation is for you, make sure you know what that means. Your version of a vacation now might be different than what it used to be and that’s okay. What really matters is that your definition is something that will allow you to relax and to get back to your normal daily life with a fresh perspective.


Determine the Boundaries for Your Vacation

When you’re serious about taking a vacation, get some of your boundaries outlined. It would serve you well to look at things like how and when you want to be contacted now, before you’re actually on vacation. You’re not going to be able to relax if you’re spending every moment worrying about what’s going on with your senior or fielding calls about minor issues. Determine now what you want out of this vacation and then you can go about achieving that goal.


Find Someone to Step in, if Necessary

One of the best ways to help set some boundaries for yourself and for others when you’re ready to go on vacation is to get someone else to take over for you. Having home care providers taking care of your senior enables you to relax and to know that your elderly family member is in good hands. It’s also a lot easier for you to enforce your boundaries if you’ve got someone who can definitely handle whatever comes up.


What Happens if You Don’t Take a Break?

Ultimately you need to examine what happens if you don’t take a break. When you’re doing any sort of other work, you probably don’t set yourself up for constant effort with no downtime at all. The difference with caregiving is that most caregivers believe that they must be the only ones offering care. That doesn’t have to be the case and shouldn’t be if you plan to be a caregiver for a longer amount of time.


Breaks of any kind, whether they’re an afternoon away or a full-on vacation, are essential for caregivers. They give you a chance to step away from your normal regular daily activities and return to them with a fresh burst of energy.


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Evan Loevner, CEO