Aging creates big changes in your senior’s life and health, including her oral health. There are lots of new situations that your elderly family member might need to manage in terms of her dental health.


Senior Care in Redwood City CA: Senior Dental Problems

Senior Care in Redwood City CA: Senior Dental Problems


Dealing with Loose or Decaying Teeth

As people grow older, they tend to believe it’s normal that they lose teeth or that the teeth they still have started to decay or develop issues. These issues can contribute to all sorts of issues, including tooth infections and pain, but they can also make it difficult for your elderly family member to eat or to enjoy her food. Sorting these issues out as quickly as possible is really important both for overall health and for comfort.


Having a Dry Mouth

There are a lot of different reasons why your senior might be experiencing dry mouth, ranging from medication side effects to other issues entirely. Talk with your elderly family member’s doctor to rule out possible health issues and to determine how much water is ideal for her to drink daily. There may be some other solutions you can put in place, too.


Dentures that Fit Badly

If your senior’s dentures don’t fit her well, that can create some big problems for her oral health. Over time, your senior’s gums and even the bones in her jaw can change shape a bit. This might mean that her dentures need to be relined or even replaced. Make sure that you’re scheduling regular dental visits for her, even if she’s got full dentures.


Gum Discomfort and Disease

Your senior’s gums may be painful for other reasons, too. Gum disease is one big reason, but there are other issues, too, like receding gums. If your elderly family member’s gums are hurting, that might cause problems in caring for her teeth properly, eating, and even just general quality of life. Be sure to talk to her dentist.


Having Little Or No Sense of Taste

Your elderly family member might find her sense of taste changing, which can happen for many reasons. That change can create other issues, though. For instance, your elderly family member might not be interested in eating or drinking the way that she used to or she may not notice that her mouth is more dry than usual.

If your elderly family member needs help taking care of her oral health, elder care providers are one solution you might want to consider. They can help both you and your senior to learn techniques to handle these new challenges.


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