Strong family connections are important to your mom and dad’s mental and physical health. Multiple studies find that loneliness and isolation are detrimental to your mental health. Psychology Today listed addiction, depression hoarding, and social anxiety as the biggest risks from loneliness and isolation.


Senior Care in Rockridge CA: Family Connections Really Help

Senior Care in Rockridge CA: Family Connections Really Help


Studies also find that loneliness impacts physical health.
There are studies that find those who are lonely may have a higher risk of death because Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease, and high blood pressure risks increase. It can be a case of someone who is isolated and alone not eating a proper diet or getting enough exercise.


Family Visits Help

While your parents may not have as many friends as they once did, visits from you offer them the socialization they need. Strong family ties help boost happiness and can ease depression. It gives seniors a sense of belonging. Socialization also helps with critical thinking and memory skills.

Family visits also help boost immunities. When you’re isolated, your exposure to viruses is greatly reduced. When your body does contract a virus, it can be harder to fight it off. Studies also find that seniors who are social often have lower levels of inflammation.

Take a couple of hours each week to make sure your parents are social. Get them out of the house by taking them to a park for a long walk. Bring them to a museum. Many museums have free admission nights to make it an affordable outing. Have a family gathering at someone’s house.


See if Your Parent Would Be Interested in Volunteering

Volunteering is one way to stay active in your community. There are dozens of opportunities in towns and cities. A young child could benefit from having a senior citizen to read to. Your parents could volunteer at the nearby hospital or a library. They could use a favorite hobby, such as gardening, to help start a community garden that donates the produce to the food shelf.


What Happens When You Live Hours Away?

Families spread out. If you live miles away, it can be hard to visit your parents often. Use video chat programs like Facetime or Skype to stay in touch. Call as often as you can.

Arrange home care services to make sure your mom and dad stay social. They may not be ready for services like meal preparation and light housekeeping yet, but caregivers offer companionship. They can get your parents out of the house and visiting others at senior centers or in community groups. They can drive your parents to their volunteering work.

Talk to a home care agency about companionship services. The experts can help you better understand the opportunities that your parents have nearby. Before long, they’ll be making new friends and enjoying regular visits from a caregiver.

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Evan Loevner, CEO